Letters from Home

Previous AFH adopters write these stories. They tell the stories of joy, sorrow, surprise, and – most of all – love that their new family members have brought to their lives.

If you would like to submit your own Letter from Home, please reach out to us via our Contact Us page or send an email to info@aforeverhome.org. 

Scrappy (Smokey Girl) – Amazingly Well

Hi! Just wanted to drop a note that our girl of 16 years of age is still doing amazingly well! I gave her a spring haircut today (shown below) and the vet says she’s remarkably healthy for her age. In the past 5 years since my last note, we adopted an elderly pup who has since come and passed, and a younger sister border collie who keeps us ALL on our toes! Hope you guys are doing great and doing wonderful things.
Thanks, Rachel

Trevor Update

Dear AFH:   A happy update from Trevor (aka Baxter adopted 2014).  Trevor will turn 10 years old in March 2024 and we would like to share our happy news to celebrate his wonderful achievements.  With titles in obedience, rally, Fast CAT, parkour, and trick dog  – we have had a great run.  Last year we decided to get our feet wet in agility with Trevor at the “young” age of 9 years. He was by far the oldest dog in his class. He took to it eagerly and seems to love it.   We were thrilled to earn our first agility titles November 2023 (see pic).  Trevor is the first mixed breed dog ever to earn the Extreme Versatility Dog Program’s XVE (Excellent level) title, acknowledging his achievement in a wide variety of sports.  He is the first mixed breed in the U.S. to earn their XV50 title – that’s 50 verified titles overall.  So proud of him, starting as a reactive and shy dog, and becoming then a confident and steady boy he has become.  My best buddy.  

All the best to AFH and all our friends, Diana Hong & Trevor 

Daisy (Annabelle) – Precious Girl

Hi, just wanted to update you all on this beautiful little girl — formerly known as AnnaBelle – she’s Daisy now and she’s happily settled into her new forever home and she is loved very much!!  She has a wonderful vet and a very caring doggy dad and they have both gotten her chronic ear infections under control so she is feeling much better!  She really enjoys her multiple daily walks and she has friends wherever she goes — the neigborhood loves her!  On four separate occasions, she was the first dogs these folks ever touched — she’s very gentle and kind!  One lady actually had her husband stop the car when she saw us walking Daisy so she could come over and get some “Daisy-love”!!  She makes us all happy! Thank you to the volunteers for saving this precious dog and taking such good care of her until she came home to us!!

Kasey (Maddie’s 8 Lilly) – So Loved

Kasey instantly became part of our family. She is so sweet and loves playing in our backyard. She also loves to cuddle and playing with all her toys. We are so happy that we found her after losing our rescue Harley to cancer in October. Thank you!

Luna (Dee Dee) – Special Family Member

My name is Lily, my family and I adopted a dog in 2021 from A Forever Home. We rescued Luna (original name was Dee Dee) and now she is a special member of our family. After our other dog passed away two years before, we were ready to open our hearts to a new family member. We spent weeks searching online for a dog, and when we saw her picture, we knew she was the one for us. Luna is a happy, silly, smart, loving, energetic girl who loves squirrels, peanut butter, belly rubs, hikes, and she brings a smile to our faces every day. She makes our lives whole and is a little ray of sunshine who brightens our lives every day. Luna lives in Tennessee with me now where we are exploring new places and  meeting new people (and dogs!). Thank you AFH for bringing us together, we love Luna and we are forever grateful to have her as a part of our family.  

Lily, Pamela, and Thomas

Bubba (Ellsa’s Pup Elliot/Liam)

Hello Maribel,

Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful email! It had me in tears. Thank you also for the new pictures! It was so nice getting more insight on Edwin’s (Rufus) life before we adopted him. And kudos to you, Patricia – there was no doubt he was fostered in a loving home. We were heartbroken losing our sweet Edwin, and no other dog will ever take his place, BUT, I’m happy to report we’ve found more room in our hearts for a new furry family member!

We adopted Bubba (aka Elsa’s Pup Elliot/Liam) from A Forever Home in June and are so incredibly happy with the cool dude! He is sweet and chill and we couldn’t have asked for a better match for our family! ….and this time it was me doing the conning. My husband was not
overly thrilled with letting Bubba sleep on the bed (at the foot), but I (and Bubba) won that battle!

Thank you for all you do in helping these beautiful, deserving pups find their forever homes!


Casey (Kalie) – Rescue Dog!

Dear Forever Home, My name was Kali as a young puppy 2012 when my Mom and Dad, Sheryl and Larry, found me through A Forever Home after a raid on a puppy mill down south. Now I am 18 pounds of Casey and since then I have been busy learning about 20 tricks, including falling “dead” when you shoot me with your fingers (it’s ok, I’m not really hurt!). I just had a little surgery on my knee, but am doing great and have returned to toy throwing, going walkies and enjoying my new memory foam beds all over the house (I’m not spoiled, really I’m not!) I’m just as much fun and joy as I was as a pup. My Mom makes fun images of me, thought you might these! Love to all you doggie parents and saviors!

Casey, Sheryl, and Larry

Lucy (Monica’s Belle)

Hi, We adopted Monica’s Belle in November. She now goes by Lucy and has settled into our home and our hearts very well! We graduated from Puppy Kindergarten class this evening and thought we would share a photo of the goodest girl 😉. Thank you for all the care you guys gave her. I know she had a wonderful foster Mom in Tricia (who I believe went on to adopt Lucy’s brother Thor). The strong start she got in her foster home has gone a long way in making her a success. 

Violet Loving Life!

Hi, A Forever Home, Y wanted to send you a pair of recent photos of Violet, formerly Cluster Springs Daisy, adopted in May 2019. She is doing well and is loving life! She loves her Whimzies and toys! Lori