Letters from Home

Previous AFH adopters write these stories. They tell the stories of joy, sorrow, surprise, and – most of all – love that their new family members have brought to their lives.

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Bella and New Sister Roxy

Bella went to her new home yesterday and they sent me this picture this morning . This is Bella and her new sister Roxy

Ponyo and Pinto

Our two amazing trouble makers Ponyo and Pinto that we adopted through you! 

Trevor – First Ever!

Dear AFH: Another update from Trevor aka Baxter adopted in 2014.  Trevor is a versatile boy. Most recently he earned the distinction of being the very first dog worldwide to earn the International Dog Parkour Association’s Gap Jump Level 1 Dog Parkour Specialist title (PKD-GJ). We are so excited and are steadily working on the next level to see how far we can go. Anyone interested in checking out this exciting sport can go to their website dogparkour.org and read up on it. There is also a very helpful group on Facebook “Dog Parkour Training,” which encourages handlers to help each other, reviewing each other’s videos, and answering questions from newer members. Thank you all for allowing us to share.

Diana Hong and Trevor

Our New Family Member Skylar

Hi Patti,

Just wanted to update you on our new family member, Skylar…You’ll be comforted to know that Skylar has quickly worked her way into our hearts.  She is the sweetest pup ever and so bright and responsive.  She is friendly and affectionate with all, including the guys working on our deck this week!  Of course you know all this already.  Thank you for your care and concern for all your fosters but especially Skylar! I’m sending several pics of her and our family and would be happy to send them or post them to A Forever Home or wherever you suggest. Please take care of yourself.  Sending healing thoughts,

Sue & Ted

Roscoe (Jackson) Awesome Dog!

Thanks for the invite.  We may stop by.  Roscoe (aka Jackson 2018) …He wishes his rescuers all the best.  He is an awesome dog and we couldn’t have chose any better. 

Forever Tails – August 2022

We just published our August 2022 newsletter. In this issue we are happy to begin celebrating our 20th year in existence. Happy Birthday AFH! We also highlight the Davis Team for their Happy Hour fundraiser, Mary B. who was the big winner of the 50/50 Raffle, and volunteers Stephanie Osmani and the wonderful Owens Family. Also, don’t forget to check out Luke the Rescue pup by Dr. Simi, our In Memory page, Mama D and Gomez, and read about why dogs tilt their heads when we speak to them.

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Hello everyone, Someone passed his level one doggy training.


Mr. Flynn (Harry)

Hello Patti,
As always I hope this email finds you and family including furry friends well…a few photos of Mr. Flynn formerly Harry part of the 9 pointer mixes that Tina Phillips fostered. Thank you. Kathleen


Hi Andi, I hope you had very happy holidays! I thought you might be wondering about Dottie abs just wanted to let you know she has settled in so well. She’s gotten comfortable in the house/yard, and is so gentle with our kids and senior dog. We are so happy we found her! Sharing a few pictures of her cuddling and enjoying the snow!
Take care! Becca