Hello Maribel,

Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful email! It had me in tears. Thank you also for the new pictures! It was so nice getting more insight on Edwin’s (Rufus) life before we adopted him. And kudos to you, Patricia – there was no doubt he was fostered in a loving home. We were heartbroken losing our sweet Edwin, and no other dog will ever take his place, BUT, I’m happy to report we’ve found more room in our hearts for a new furry family member!

We adopted Bubba (aka Elsa’s Pup Elliot/Liam) from A Forever Home in June and are so incredibly happy with the cool dude! He is sweet and chill and we couldn’t have asked for a better match for our family! ….and this time it was me doing the conning. My husband was not
overly thrilled with letting Bubba sleep on the bed (at the foot), but I (and Bubba) won that battle!

Thank you for all you do in helping these beautiful, deserving pups find their forever homes!