Trusted Vendors

On occasion, AFH finds a vendor who offers products or services that we feel are worth a look. The inclusion of a product or service on this page is not an endorsement; however, we won’t list something here unless we’ve gotten positive feedback – so it”s not a “blind lead”, either.

If you visit one of these vendors – and particularly if you purchase a product or service from them, be sure to mention that you found them via the AFH website. In most cases, these vendors will provide some sort of benefit back to AFH in exchange for the referral.


Forever Home Rescue Foundation has saved many thousands of abused, neglected, abandoned, and unwanted puppies and dogs over our 20 years of operation. As you know, vet care is expensive, and prices continue to rise. You can support A Forever Home in their mission by simply feeding or pampering your best friend(s). Here’s how:

You can support A Forever Home in their mission by simply feeding or
pampering your best friend(s). Here’s how:

  1. Visit
  2. At the top of the page, click “Pet Profile” (on the far right) and create a profile for your pet(s). Based on your answers, pawTree will give you suggestions for your furry friend – and you can also just browse the website to find items.
  3. When you fill in your name, make sure you add AFH behind it (e.g., “John Smith AFH”). This will guarantee that A Forever Home will receive 25% of every purchase you make.
  4. Everything at pawTree is 100% money-back satisfaction guaranteed, so if your best friend doesn’t LOVE everything you
    have purchased, simply call the company, and your money will be cheerfully refunded.
  5. Because your profile will be linked to AFH, A Forever Home will continue to receive donations every time you make a purchase

Learn More Here

City Renewables

AFH is partnering with City Renewables to save dogs and the environment! Jake and Rebecca from City Renewables are AFH adopters and wanted to give back to the group that rescued their dog, Luna.

City Renewables’ team members were personally affected by the great job that AFH does. Our little solar pup Luna was adopted through the rescue and has quickly become our company’s Director of Emotional Support! She is such a good girl and now we want to give back so more dogs like her can find forever homes. That is why we have partnered with AFH for our Panels for Puppies fundraiser. Our goal is to help AFH rescue more dogs by helping people save money and the environment by going solar! For every solar project, AFH will receive at least $500! The money raised through this initiative will help AFH with monthly vet bills.

City Renewables is dedicated to educating and guiding the community to understand how residential solar works. This means that we won’t move forward with a project unless it saves the client money and the client understands exactly how it works! We believe that protecting and preserving the environment that our dogs need to thrive in is very important. This is one way you can do that.

Here are the incentives that City Renewables uses to save you money with no upfront costs:

SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits)

In Virginia, Maryland, several other states, and the District of Columbia, you get PAID per 1000 kWh you produce with solar. SRECs are the most powerful incentive to save homeowners money on electricity. You actually get paid just for having solar!

26% Federal Tax Credit

The federal government gives a 26% tax credit to anyone that transitions to solar. If your system costs $20,000, you’ll be paying $5,200 less in taxes – not to mention you can wrap a new roof into that 26% credit!

Net Metering

Most utility companies in Virginia, Maryland, a few other states, and the District of Columbia offer full 1:1 Net Metering. This means that when you overproduce electricity, you get a credit. This credit is worth the same as the electricity you would buy from your utility company (1:1). This addresses the concerns for having power in the colder months when there is snow. These credits can be used all year round! At the end of the year, you get paid for the remaining credits. Net metering replaces the need for a battery!

To schedule a free educational consultation that includes a design and analysis of your potential solar project, use this link:

Playful Pack

At Playful Pack, our mission is about much more than providing a place for your dogs to be the healthiest and happiest they can be. We’re also here to do what we can to provide a better life for those dogs that didn’t get all of the opportunities that so many of your dogs were given. That’s why we’re working to partner with local dog rescues and charity organizations to do our part to help them give back when and where we can to the dog loving community.

We’re proud to be working with A Forever Home Rescue Foundation (AFH) to help foster dogs find new homes. At Playful Pack, fosters get to live at our facility, gain social skills with our furry friends, and be cared for by our amazing staff at our cost. Just by being a client of Playful Pack, you’re helping us help others.

Visit us at

Little Beast

Little Beast is a US based specialty apparel retailer that designs and produces its own line of cat sweaters and hoodies.  Support local businesses and women entrepreneurs! Use code FOREVERHOME for 10% off your order. Little Beast will then donate 10% of your order.

For more information go to:

Olde Towne Pet Resort

As a special welcome to AFH adopters, you will receive a 10% discount on all Olde Towne Pet Resort (OTPR) services. This includes dog and cat boarding, day camp, grooming, swims, and dog training.

Olde Towne works with AFH to provide affordable boarding when foster homes are not available. In the event of a natural disaster, hoarding situation, or other emergency situations, OTPR provides complimentary boarding and bathing whenever possible. They have done this on multiple occasions in the past and it is a huge benefit to the rescue and the dogs coming from a traumatic situation.

For more information, go to

DogGone Natural


DogGone Natural, the official Award Winning Pet Nutrition & Retail Center is AFH’s official pet food sponsor. They provide us with a high-quality food at an affordable price. DogGone Natural is Northern Virginia’s leading independent store for pet food, wellness & nutrition. Visit them at

Northern Virginia Veterinary Associates


The doctors at NVVA are our go-to resources for the dogs in our care. With hospitals in CentrevilleChantillyFairfax Station, and Falls Church, they’re likely convenient to you, too. Drop by and check them out – and let them know that AFH sent you!

Pet Portraits By Jeanne Taylor

Jeanne Taylor, pet photographer, offers beautiful, natural setting portraits of your rescued companion(s). She gives a 10 percent discount on products for rescued pets PLUS a portion of proceeds is issued to A Forever Home Rescue if you mention our name. Visit for details.


Stefani Joosten has written a children’s book about her Labrador Abby who they call Abby-NO! since she’s just so adorably bad. Stefani adopted another dog, Sundae, from A Forever Home, and when Sundae passed away this year, she was still writing and editing. Stefani decided that I would donate $1 for every book sold to AFH in memory of Sundae. What a wonderful memorial! Please visit Abby-NO’s Amazon site and purchase your copy to honor Sundae, and support AFH.

BISSELL’s Partners for Pets

A Forever Home Rescue Foundation is proud to be a Partner for Pets! BISSELL and have teamed up to help organizations like ours raise money, and now you can help too! When you purchase pet products on and enter the code ADOPT at checkout, a portion of your purchase will be donated to our organization!

It’s simple.

Shop pet products on
Enter the code ADOPT at checkout
Then select our organization!

Learn more at

Hale Pet Door

Hale RR photo

Hale Pet Door manufactures high-end pet doors in the U.S.A. and supports rescues too. If you are considering installing a pet door in your home, check them out at Hale Pet Doors can go through walls, doors, screens, French doors, windows units and sliding glass doors.

Customers who have adopted a pet from A Forever Home will receive a 10 percent discount off the price of their door. Hale will also send a check for that same amount to AFH as a gift to them. It is their way of saying “thank you for opting to adopt and thereby save a life.”

Eight Moons is proud to support AFH and the amazing work they do in helping find forever homes for dogs in need. We are very pleased to donate 30% of your entire order of Eight Moons products to further AFH’s mission. At Eight Moons, you will always get free shipping on every order.

All you have to do is enter the following coupon code at checkout: AFH30 Treat your beloved family friend with all of the benefits of CBD with our veterinarian formulated dog treats and pet oil tinctures. We use the very same pure CBD oil, grown and processed in the USA, that we use in all of our products so that you can feel safe and secure knowing that your pet will get the same reliable and superior results that come with all Eight Moons’ products. All of our products are independently tested to be pure and THC-Free and our lab results are available online at

If you know of another vendor who would like to help AFH and be included in this list, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]