Dear AFH:   A happy update from Trevor (aka Baxter adopted 2014).  Trevor will turn 10 years old in March 2024 and we would like to share our happy news to celebrate his wonderful achievements.  With titles in obedience, rally, Fast CAT, parkour, and trick dog  – we have had a great run.  Last year we decided to get our feet wet in agility with Trevor at the “young” age of 9 years. He was by far the oldest dog in his class. He took to it eagerly and seems to love it.   We were thrilled to earn our first agility titles November 2023 (see pic).  Trevor is the first mixed breed dog ever to earn the Extreme Versatility Dog Program’s XVE (Excellent level) title, acknowledging his achievement in a wide variety of sports.  He is the first mixed breed in the U.S. to earn their XV50 title – that’s 50 verified titles overall.  So proud of him, starting as a reactive and shy dog, and becoming then a confident and steady boy he has become.  My best buddy.  

All the best to AFH and all our friends, Diana Hong & Trevor