A Forever Home Rescue Foundation

Finding forever homes for dogs in need

Why We Give

With your help, AFH was able to rescue dogs like: Rango who lost his leg after being caught in a coyote trap…The Culvert pups who were abandoned in a culvert on an oil well site…Ginny who lost her leg after it was caught in fishing line…Gwen whose owner died and she had to give birth to her babies in freezing weather…Hercules and Suzie who were attacked by other dogs and had severe wounds….And Petunia who needed surgery for severe cherry eye. Thanks for being part of our Team!


Kameron is a sweet boy who was found on the side of a road in rural Mississippi, unable to walk. He was rescued and nursed back to health. Although he still has some clumsiness in his front legs due to permanent nerve damage, it doesn’t bother him at all! He does amazingly well and loves running with all the dogs in his foster home. He can now do stairs in his foster home, is housetrained and knows to sit. Kameron just can’t wait to find his forever home!


Petunia is a pure-bred boxer landed at a shelter in North Carolina as a stray. Both of her eyes had a condition called cherry eye which required surgery to correct. The surgery was a complete success and she could not be happier. She is an awesome girl who is great with people and kid friendly. She is gentle, very sweet and playful. She is an active girl and loves playing in the backyard. If you like boxers, you will love her!

Forever Tails

Here is our next intallment of Forever Tails. In this issue we annonce our next Casino Night. We also Highlight some of our special needs dogs: Lucky, Baby Girl, Pentunia and available dogs Rango and Walkter. Our volunteer spotlight falls on Virginia Colin and Lynette Catlett. We also have an article on why dogs eat their poop! We remember Blitz, Rover, Benny, Roxy and Abby. We also have sweet stories on Reading is Fundamental with Winter and Moe the Therapy dog. Finally, there Save the Environment and Save a Dog. Read all of this here:  2023MayNewsletterWeb.

Violet Loving Life!

Hi, A Forever Home, Y wanted to send you a pair of recent photos of Violet, formerly Cluster Springs Daisy, adopted in May 2019. She is doing well and is loving life! She loves her Whimzies and toys! Lori


We adopted our pup, Cooper (previously, Mini-Coop), through AFH back in 2019 and he has changed our lives. We couldn’t be more thankful.  Best, Katherine 

Moe (Happy) – Golden at Heart!

I adopted Moe in Aug 2012. He is now 11 yrs old and is such a good and happy dog. I was told he was a terrier mix, but I had my suspicions that if there was any terrier it was a very small piece. Since I have had him, everyone wants to know what is his makeup. Most people see lab. So I just had his DNA done, and surprise, surprise, as you can see he is almost 1/2 golden retriever. He is also golden in his heart. Because he is so calm and loves people, Moe is certified through Fairfax County Dept on Aging as a therapy dog. We volunteer through Pets On Wheels and have visited assisted living communities for the last 8 yrs, excluding the Covid years. His favorite activity is to cuddle for hours. I just wanted to give you an update on such a wonderful dog you rescued and I adopted.


These lucky dogs now have a forever home!

Trevor – First Ever!

Dear AFH: Another update from Trevor aka Baxter adopted in 2014.  Trevor is a versatile boy. Most recently he earned the distinction of being the very first dog worldwide to earn the International Dog Parkour Association’s Gap Jump Level 1 Dog Parkour Specialist title (PKD-GJ). We are so excited and are steadily working on the next level to see how far we can go. Anyone interested in checking out this exciting sport can go to their website dogparkour.org and read up on it. There is also a very helpful group on Facebook “Dog Parkour Training,” which encourages handlers to help each other, reviewing each other’s videos, and answering questions from newer members. Thank you all for allowing us to share.

Diana Hong and Trevor

Rosenthal Cares!

A Forever Home was blown away by a $5,000 donation from Rosenthal Automotive’s initiative called Rosenthal Cares. Our Jessica Miltenberger was on hand to accept the check and we are truly grateful for this incredible generosity. AFH is glad to partner with Rosenthal to give the gift of Forever Homes and Forever Love to needy dogs and pups. We look forward to partnering with them again in the future!