NameFosterGenderDOBAgeBreedIntake DateNum
Abby the MastadorJessica MihalickFemale (Altered)2018-12-31Age: 5 years (Adult)Bullmastiff / Labrador Retriever Mix2024-02-0227281
B Litter BoogieSusan FrontainFemale (Intact)2024-01-04Age: 15 weeks (Baby)Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Mix2024-04-1327393
B Sister BubblesTara IbachFemale (Intact)2024-01-08Age: 14 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-1027354
Basket Pup ArielVirginia ColinFemale (Intact)2024-02-11Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327383
Basket Pup BooVirginia ColinFemale (Intact)2024-02-11Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327384
Basket Pup CooperVirginia ColinMale (Intact)2024-02-11Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327375
Basket Pup LadyVirginia ColinFemale (Intact)2024-02-11Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327385
Basket Pup PegVirginia ColinFemale (Intact)2024-02-11Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327381
Basket Pup PerditaVirginia ColinFemale (Intact)2024-02-11Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327380
BeanNancy SharpMale (Altered)2020-04-13Age: 4 years (Adult)Chihuahua Mix2024-04-1327399
BebeLauren OwensbyFemale (Altered)2023-06-05Age: 10 months (Young)Cattle Dog Mix2024-04-1821892
BritneeTina CooperFemale (Altered)2023-07-15Age: 9 months (Young)Basenji Mix2024-04-1327391
CooperHiral MehtaMale (Altered)2020-12-19Age: 3 years (Adult)Treeing Walker Coonhound (Purebred)2024-01-2427264
DamonCandi LuchinoMale (Altered)2021-02-06Age: 3 years (Adult)Great Dane (Purebred)2024-02-0827287
DobbySudha Gounder/returnMale (Altered)2022-01-01Age: 2 years (Adult)Miniature Pinscher Mix2024-02-0427282
FrizzleSuzanne RendallFemale (Altered)2022-02-08Age: 2 years (Adult)Mastiff / Terrier Mix2024-02-0827289
Frizzle's Pup ElainSuzanne RendallFemale (Intact)2024-02-03Age: 10 weeks (Baby)Mastiff / Terrier Mix2024-02-0827294
Frizzle's Pup FeyreSuzanne RendallFemale (Intact)2024-02-03Age: 10 weeks (Baby)Mastiff / Terrier Mix2024-02-0827296
Frizzle's Pup NestaSuzanne RendallFemale (Intact)2024-02-03Age: 10 weeks (Baby)Mastiff / Terrier Mix2024-02-0827295
GabbyCindy MasciaFemale (Altered)2021-12-23Age: 2 years (Adult)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327395
GatorKathryn OzimekMale (Intact)2024-01-22Age: 12 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327396
HaddieTemp Renee Brockmeyer - Lauren CardilloFemale (Intact)2024-02-19Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Shepherd Mix2024-04-2127400
Judy's MooseJudy GamboaMale (Intact)2024-02-17Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Mountain Cur Mix2024-04-2027406
Judy's S'MoresJudy GamboaMale (Intact)2024-02-17Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Mountain Cur Mix2024-04-2027407
LillieJennifer JohnsFemale (Altered)2023-08-07Age: 8 months (Young)Cattle Dog Mix2024-04-2027405
LuckyMary Beth Henry Male (Altered)2012-12-22Age: 11 years (Senior)Hound / Shepherd Mix2022-12-2226885
Orphan 4 AustinGisella CopelloMale (Intact)2024-03-02Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327386
Orphan 4 DallasGisella CopelloMale (Intact)2024-03-02Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327387
Orphan 4 JerseyGisella CopelloFemale (Intact)2024-03-02Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327388
Orphan 4 PhoenixGisella CopelloFemale (Intact)2024-03-02Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-1327390
PennyStacey Boyce The Sally ImbrianoFemale (Altered)2023-03-29Age: 12 months (Young)Hound Mix2024-04-1825960
PetuniaJessica MihalikFemale (Altered)2013-04-14Age: 11 years (Senior)Boxer (Purebred)2023-04-1427014
RoscoeSandra BurtonMale (Altered)2021-09-22Age: 2 years (Adult)Shepherd Mix2024-04-1825959
S Litter SadieLeslie BloxamFemale (Intact)2023-12-22Age: 3 months (Young)Hound / Hound Mix2024-03-0727333
S Litter SageLeslie BloxamFemale (Intact)2023-12-22Age: 3 months (Young)Hound / Hound Mix2024-03-0727332
Sam's Litter BellaLeslie Bloxam/Annette Anderson train and board 1 weekFemale (Altered)2023-10-04Age: 6 months (Young)Boxer / Labrador Retriever Mix2023-12-1427213
SaraAlyce GoodwinFemale (Altered)2021-05-04Age: 2 years (Adult)Hound Mix2024-03-1027330
SchatziElaine BaughmanFemale (Altered)2020-08-16Age: 3 years (Adult)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-02-1527300
Schatzi's AdiSusan GreenFemale (Intact)2024-02-16Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-02-1627328
Schatzi's GemmaSusan GreenFemale (Intact)2024-02-16Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-02-1627326
Schatzi's KitoSusan GreenMale (Intact)2024-02-16Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-02-1627324
Schatzi's OnyxSusan GreenFemale (Intact)2024-02-16Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-02-1627323
Schatzi's OpieSusan GreenMale (Intact)2024-02-16Age: 8 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-02-1627321
ScrappyLisa AlbrechtMale (Altered)2023-05-13Age: 11 months (Young)Hound / Border Collie Mix2024-04-1327394
Shep Litter AprilTori HutchesonFemale (Intact)2024-01-26Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever / Shepherd Mix2024-03-1027337
Shep Litter DonnyTori HutchesonMale (Intact)2024-01-26Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever / Shepherd Mix2024-03-1027338
Shep Litter LeoTori HutchesonMale (Intact)2024-01-26Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever / Shepherd Mix2024-03-1027339
Shep Litter RaffyTori HutchesonFemale (Intact)2024-01-26Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever / Shepherd Mix2024-03-1027342
TerseaStacy KingFemale (Altered)2022-02-28Age: 2 years (Adult)Pit Bull Terrier (Purebred)2024-03-0127329
Tersea Pup DukeStacy KingMale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627372
Tersea Pup GriffinStacy KingMale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627363
Tersea Pup HokieStacy KingMale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627365
Tersea Pup RodneyStacy KingMale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627373
Tersea Pup SammieStacy KingFemale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627368
Tersea Pup SmokeyStacy KingMale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627364
Tersea Pup TuffyStacy KingMale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627366
Tersea Pup VirginiaStacy KingFemale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627397
Tersea Pup VixenStacy KingFemale (Intact)2024-03-06Age: 6 weeks (Baby)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2024-03-0627367
Tina's 8 AndreLynette CatlettMale (Intact)2023-11-10Age: 5 months (Young)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-01-2727271
Tina's 8 BryceLynette CatlettMale (Intact)2023-11-10Age: 5 months (Young)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-01-2727276
Tina's 8 MillieDiane SofastaiiFemale (Intact)2023-11-10Age: 5 months (Young)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-01-2727278
ToffeeErin MartinMale (Altered)2021-03-14Age: 3 years (Adult)Labrador Retriever Mix2024-04-0627392
Turtleneck 3 KingstonJacqueline BiggioMale (Intact)2024-01-10Age: 14 weeks (Baby)Australian Shepherd Mix2024-03-0827351
WalkerAndi DiesMale (Altered)2019-10-27Age: 4 years (Adult)Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix2022-10-3126760
Total Available Animals: 64