NameFosterGenderDOBAgeBreedIntake DateNum
7th Street Oatmeal/ChicoStacy KingMale (Altered)2022-12-15Age: 11 months (Young)Patterdale Terrier (Fell Terrier) Mix2023-03-1126973
B Pup BiancaAlyce GoodwinFemale (Altered)2023-03-08Age: 8 months (Young)Shepherd Mix2023-10-1427182
Bailey Lynd 4 PumpkinLynette CatlettFemale (Intact)2023-07-27Age: 4 months (Young)Mountain Cur Mix2023-10-1427173
Bailey Lynd 4 SpiritLynette CatlettFemale (Intact)2023-07-27Age: 4 months (Young)Mountain Cur Mix2023-10-1427174
Beagle FaySusan FrontainFemale (Intact)2023-08-01Age: 4 months (Young)Beagle Mix2023-09-3027165
Chipmunk AlvinPolly DonnellyMale (Intact)2023-07-20Age: 4 months (Young)Labrador Retriever Mix2023-11-0427189
CookieAndi DiesFemale (Altered)2022-02-14Age: 21 months (Young)Foxhound Mix2023-03-2626998
Cooper Lake CorneliaSusan GreenFemale (Intact)2023-10-01Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Hound Mix2023-12-0227201
Cooper Lake James DeanSusan GreenMale (Intact)2023-10-01Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Hound Mix2023-12-0227204
Cooper Lake KarmaSusan GreenFemale (Intact)2023-10-01Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Hound Mix2023-12-0227203
Cooper Lake MidnightSusan GreenMale (Intact)2023-10-01Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Hound Mix2023-12-0227202
Cooper Lake TravisSusan GreenMale (Intact)2023-10-01Age: 9 weeks (Baby)Hound Mix2023-12-0227200
Cullen LewisTara LbachMale (Intact)2023-07-01Age: 5 months (Young)Catahoula Leopard Dog / Labrador Retriever Mix2023-09-2427153
Culvert ElleDebbie SweetFemale (Intact)2023-07-15Age: 4 months (Young)Bluetick Coonhound Mix2023-09-0227115
Culvert SmittyDebbie SweetFemale (Intact)2023-07-15Age: 4 months (Young)Bluetick Coonhound Mix2023-09-0227116
DieselSarah BonnetteMale (Altered)2023-07-27Age: 4 months (Young)Labrador Retriever Mix2023-11-1827197
DollyKimberly O'ConnerFemale (Altered)2023-04-17Age: 7 months (Young)Mountain Cur Mix2023-12-0227209
FrankieStacy King and Peter BarnesMale (Altered)2021-10-06Age: 2 years (Adult)Labrador Retriever Mix2023-09-0227128
FrecklesAmanda DavisMale (Intact)2023-09-04Age: 13 weeks (Baby)Red Heeler Mix2023-12-0227206
FrogAshley DavisFemale (Altered)2022-12-12Age: 11 months (Young)Patterdale Terrier (Fell Terrier) / American Pit Bull Terrier Mix2023-04-2227015
Gillot 4 PatchesKathryn OzimekFemale (Intact)2023-08-01Age: 4 months (Young)Catahoula Leopard Dog / Feist Mix2023-12-0127205
Helen's HarryElaine BaughmanMale (Altered)2023-04-22Age: 7 months (Young)Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix2023-07-0227092
HerculesTara lbachMale (Intact)2023-08-05Age: 4 months (Young)Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier Mix2023-10-1427176
JasperJessica MihalickMale (Altered)2019-11-18Age: 4 years (Adult)Chihuahua Mix2023-11-1627198
JJErin MartinMale (Altered)2018-08-08Age: 5 years (Adult)Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Mix2023-12-0227208
KameronAndi DiesMale (Altered)2022-08-01Age: 16 months (Young)Pit Bull Terrier Mix2023-03-1126991
KooperHiral MehtaMale (Altered)2022-07-23Age: 16 months (Young)Wheaten Terrier Mix2023-10-1427181
LuckyKay and John Marshall Temp Erin MartinMale (Altered)2012-12-22Age: 10 years (Senior)Hound / Shepherd Mix2022-12-2226885
MiloCindy MasciaMale (Altered)2023-05-20Age: 6 months (Young)Labrador Retriever Mix2023-12-0227207
OllieSudha GounderFemale (Intact)2023-07-11Age: 4 months (Young)Plott Hound / Mountain Cur Mix2023-11-0427186
PetuniaJessica MihalikFemale (Altered)2013-04-14Age: 10 years (Senior)Boxer (Purebred)2023-04-1427014
PoochieSusan FlashmanMale (Altered)2023-05-08Age: 6 months (Young)Pomeranian (Purebred)2023-11-2427199
Seema's Pup ArjunVirginia ColinMale (Intact)2023-09-16Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Boxer / Hound Mix2023-11-1827191
Seema's Pup AshokaVirginia ColinFemale (Intact)2023-09-16Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Boxer / Hound Mix2023-11-1827194
Seema's Pup KiaanVirginia ColinMale (Intact)2023-09-16Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Boxer / Hound Mix2023-11-1827195
Seema's Pup PyriaVirginia ColinFemale (Intact)2023-09-16Age: 11 weeks (Baby)Boxer / Hound Mix2023-11-1827192
SuzieKatie and Trish HeimanFemale (Intact)2023-08-26Age: 14 weeks (Baby)Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier Mix2023-11-0427188
WalkerAndi DiesMale (Altered)2019-10-27Age: 4 years (Adult)Treeing Walker Coonhound Mix2022-10-3126760
Total Available Animals: 38