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AFH fosters provide safe housing for our dogs and puppies from when they arrive at the rescue, typically on a transport van, until they are adopted into their forever home. To minimize stress during this transition, we ask that AFH fosters commit to caring for their charges until they are adopted.  That said, we understand that life happens, and there are unexpected emergencies and vacations planned. Please contact AFH, and we will find a replacement foster or temporary foster as quickly as possible.

Basic Responsibilities
  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment for your foster dog or puppies, including adequate food (provided by AFH), water, and shelter.
  • Transport your fosters to and from adoption events and veterinary appointments at AFH-approved vets (or work with the appropriate AFH liaison to arrange transportation).
  • Respond to prospective adopters’ email inquiries within a reasonable time (24 hours).
  • Provide a descriptive narrative writeup, videos, and photos for website content (the foster knows the dogs better than anyone!)

Becoming an AFH foster is a truly rewarding and highly impactful experience. As AFH is 100% foster-based, saving these dogs would not be possible without our foster family. Your willingness to open your heart and home to save a dog or puppies in transition is greatly needed and appreciated!  Below is a high-level summary of what it takes to become a successful AFH foster and the resources available to support your efforts.

AFH Provided Resources:
  • Training on how to get started caring for your foster dog or puppies and the adoption process, policies, and procedures.
  • Basic supplies such as food, water bowls, and a crate.
  • Direct payment for all AFH-approved medical care (you don’t need to wait for reimbursement).
  • A care team to provide assistance with transportation to veterinary appointments and adoption events and to help with miscellaneous dog care tasks.
  • Temporary fosters to accommodate travel or illness.
  • Emergency hotline for medical emergencies.
Love for Dogs:
  • A genuine passion for dogs and their well-being.
  • Willingness to provide love, care, and attention to a dog or puppies in need. (We REALLY need puppy fosters!)
Safe and Loving Environment:
  • A safe and secure living space suitable for a dog or puppies.
  • A pet-friendly home environment where a foster dog can thrive.
  • Space in your home where your foster dog can decompress without other dogs around.
Time Commitment:
  • Availability to spend quality time with the foster dog.
  • Willingness to commit to the agreed-upon foster duration, which may vary depending on the dog’s needs.
  • Willingness to attend regular AFH adoption events or to work with the appropriate AFH liaison to arrange transportation and at-event support.
Communication Skills:
  • Open communication with the AFH team regarding the dog’s progress, behavior, and concerns.
  • Promptly reporting any health or behavioral issues to the AFH medical liaison.
  • Communicating with prospective adopters to answer questions and guide them through the adoption process.
Collaboration and Flexibility:
  • Collaboration with AFH for veterinary appointments, adoption events, and necessary meetings.
  • Flexibility to accommodate potential adopter visits (at your home or in a public place) under the guidance of the organization
  • Willingness to transport your dog to veterinary appointments and adoption events or work with the appropriate AFH liaison to arrange transportation.
Training and Guidance:
  • Willingness to participate in foster training or orientation sessions provided by AFH.
  • Willingness to thoroughly review and familiarize yourself with AFH foster guidelines.
  • Commitment to following AFH guidelines for the care of the foster dog.
  • Willingness to administer any necessary medications or treatments as directed by AFH.
Patience and Understanding:
  • Patience in dealing with potential issues that may arise.
  • Understanding that each dog is unique, and some may require extra time and care.

    Submit the form below or email us at [email protected], and the AFH foster liaison will contact you to schedule a brief consultation and walk you through the program.  If you’d like to move forward, fill out an application, schedule a virtual home check, and sign a statement affirming that no one in your household has ever been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. Upon completion and approval, you will be placed on our email distribution list and begin receiving emails about foster opportunities. Use the pictures and descriptions in those emails to find a dog or litter that best suits your home and lifestyle.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope you will join the AFH family!

    We’re glad you’ve made it this far! Fosters are the lifeblood of the rescue! Since we have no facility to house our dogs in, we rely solely on fosters. Without fosters, the rescue would not exist.

    To get the process started, please fill out and submit the short form to the right. Someone will get back to you soon – please provide an email address that you monitor regularly.

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