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Female (Altered) — Date of Birth: 02/28/2022 (2 years old (Adult))
Pit Bull Terrier (Purebred)

Tersea (pronounced Ter-see-uh) came to us ready to deliver puppies and within a week she successfully delivered ten!. After months of caring for and weaning her puppies, she has been spayed and is ready to find her forever home. Tersea was a natural mom to her pups, caring and protective, but not so much we couldn’t hold the puppies as much as we wanted. She is a sweet, playful soul who loves to be with other dogs and people. Completely housetrained, she can be inside for 6 or so hours and would love a home with a companion dog or family that can give her the attention she enjoys. One funny thing about Tersea - when she’s by the door ready to go out, she spins in circles and makes silly screechy- howl like sounds. This makes us laugh every time. She’s indifferent to cats.  Come meet Tersea!