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Michelle's Darlings Casper

Male (Altered) — Date of Birth: 02/05/2022 (2 years old (Adult))
Shepherd / Retriever Mix

Casper is an adorable retriever mix and looks very much like he has Golden Retriever in his lineage.  He has an adorable face and beautiful chestnut fur that blends to a golden color on his chest and haunches.  Casper has a big personality and is a real character!  He loves to chase his siblings and play hard but then is the first to come to his foster parents for petting, rocking, and snuggling… he will go right to sleep in your lap and is content to stay there if you will let him… Casper thinks ice cubes are a real treat!  He chases them around the puppy pen and when he finally pounces on one he chews it up in a second.  This pup is a special boy and he is going to be a great canine friend!