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Bence/Black Beauties

Male (Altered) — Date of Birth: 10/20/2012 (11 years old (Senior))
Labrador Retriever Mix
Bence is a very sweet boy. He loves to be with his people and rarely barks, unless he is in his enclosure and he sees us. He loves to cuddle and play with us. We also have two adult Black Labs in our house and Bence gets along well with them. They are giving him good doggie socialization training. Bence is doing well on his house training, but still has to learn more. It is still too early to get an accurate estimation on the adult size of Bence. He weighs about 15 pounds now (12 weeks) so we estimate in the 50's and maybe even in the 60 pound range. Personally, I think he will be a tall dog but not as large body wise as a pure lab. But all this is estimation. In any event, Bence is a happy healthy puppy who likes to play. Bence will do wonderfully in a home with children or active adults. Bence has a lot of energy and is always looking to play. With the Lab personality, Bence will be a great family dog, especially families who give good belly rubs! Please consider giving Bence a Forever home with you. He will grow up to be a wonderful addition to your family.