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Winnnie/Willow's Pups

(Altered) — Date of Birth: 02/25/2012 (11 years old (Senior))
Beagle Mix
Willow's pups are almost ready for their forever homes. They are adorable, sweet and love to cuddle and play. There are two boys (Willy and Waffles) and three girls (Wendi, Wolfie and Winnie). Their mother is 28 pounds and they'll probably be about the same size when they're full grown. Wolfie (the black and brown girl) is the smallest of the litter and may end up being closer to 20 pounds unless she has a growth spurt. Willy is a beautiful brindle color with floppy ears and a white stripe down his nose. Waffles and Wendi are black, white, gray, and brown (with markings similar to australian shepherds). Wendi has gorgeous blue eyes. Winnie has a lovely brownish black smooth coat and is the mellowest of the litter. They are irresistible, so prepare to fall in love. Willy,Waffles,Wendi and Wolfie have been adopted.