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Gunner/Roane Chi/Terriers

(Altered) — Date of Birth: 07/04/2011 (12 years old (Senior))
Chihuahua / Terrier Mix
Here they are, Goldie, Gia, Gabrielle, Gillie, Gunner, Gippy, Griffin and Gruffy. They just can't wait to go to their new homes! GRUFFY looks most like a terrier with his cute fuzzy face and paws and beautiful light eyes. He is a little on the shy side until he gets to know you and then warms up and likes to snuggle up next to you. GILLIE and GOLDIE are the "twins". They are both a beautiful caramel color with white chests. They like to hang together. They are very social with everyone and love playtime. GUNNER is a lovely little boy. While the others are gregarious, this little guy is shy. When we took him in as a foster, it took a few days for him to feel secure. After that? Well, let's just say that he bonded beautifully with us and our other dogs. He is one of the most loving puppies we have ever fostered. His looks to us daily to feed his feelings of confidence and security, so every day we spend lots of quality time with him. He is loyal, dedicated, and extremely loving. He isn't keen on walking on a leash, but he loves chasing the other dogs and having fun. He would be best suited for a loving family, dedicated to building his confidence and ensuring his confidence remains high. We could carry him around play, keep him on your lap, and play with him all day, he'd love it. If you can provide him with these things, you could be the perfect parent for him. GRIFFIN is a beautiful chocolate brown with gorgeous light eyes. He is very social with everyone and very playful and loves to play tug of war with his brothers Gillie and Goldie. GIPPY is black with a white chest. He is the runt of the litter and looks most like a chi. He is a sweetheart and loves to give you lots of kisses. They love other dogs and have all been socialized well with many of the neighborhood kids of various ages. GIA is very chocolate in color. She is a supper sweet love bug! She loves to sit on your lap, follow you everywhere, gives lots of kisses, and is getting a lot better with her potty training 🙂 She is used to other dogs and her size does not deter/hinder her in any way as she is a little fireball and quite assertive, but not aggressive. Goldie, Gabrielle, Gruffy, Gippy, Gia, Gillie and Griffin have been adopted.