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Male (Altered) — Date of Birth: 01/01/2009 (14 years old (Senior))
Rat Terrier Mix
OMG what an angel. He is already housebroken and crate trained. For the most part Rico only barks when someone goes by or approaches the house and once I tell him, "Quiet," he will. For his size, Rico is a very good watch dog. He will also bark to get the attention of neighborhood dogs walking past the house or if the noisy neighbor starts banging on stuff in his yard. Most of the time he just wants to play chase with the other dogs in the back yard. Rico is always looking for someone to give him some belly rubs and scratches behind his ears. He is very low maintenance and he is good on a leash. He is just now getting accustomed to commands and he responds very well to his name and whenever he is corrected. He also appears to be good with children of all ages. Many little kids have asked if they can pet or rub Rico on the head. He will stand-up on his hind legs and give kisses while he is being petted. Rico's main focus is getting as much affection from people as he can. He loves to rub up against your legs like a cat wherever he is looking for some love. He adores having someone pick him up and carry him around. Rico is a very special loving little dog. He even has a brand new red snowflake jacket to wear at all the AFH Events (at least until it gets warmer). Rico is up-to-date with all his shots and will be neutered 1/20/2011. Rico is more than ready for his new "forever home" today! I highly recommend you make an appointment to stop by his foster Mom? home and meet him. Just email: and tell them you want to meet Rico ASAP!