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Top 6 Litter

(Altered) — Date of Birth: 01/07/2008 (16 years old (Senior))
Shepherd Mix
These pups came to us from the Parkersburg Humane Society and will melt your heart...Abby is the runt of the litter and takes complete advantage of it. She looks like a yellow lab. She is such a sweetheart and loves to play all the time. Blue and Abby love to play in the holes that Buster digs. Blue is very mature...he acts like the father of all the puppies. He loves to be in charge and run the show. When he is done playing he will go lay on his blanket and take a nap. Buster is short for Buster Brown. He is a ball of energy, digging holes and trying to be in charge, he is the life of the party. Buster also loves to cuddle and take naps on your lap. Bear...AKA Baby Bear looks like a little bear. He is a big baby and always wants to be around people. He likes to have everyone watching him and holding him. Ally is the other female pup. She is really sweet and loves to play outside..Ally loves to be rubbed on her back and always wants to be held. Alex is the largest and smartest of all the pups. He has learned how to climb out of his pen and relax on the couch. He will sit when he is given a treat and is extremely laid back. Alex will fetch the ball and play, but when he is tired, he will go to his bed. All the puppies are paper trained, sleep through the night, love to give kisses, and very playful. If you can give them a forever home please contact us. Blue is still available.