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Scout and Rosie

(Altered) — Date of Birth: 09/22/2005 (18 years old (Senior))
Border Collie Mix
These two adorable pups are funny, inquisitive, and full of energy. They are cheery, chubby, and charming!!! Very sweet and energetic, they've easily drawn our two big family dogs into their tumbling moshpit of fun. Rosie (female) and Scout (male) are very resilient-- they made themselves right at home in their new foster home from the first moments. These pups will absolutely make your heart go "pitter-patter" and we are sure they'll grow to be great family dogs. They sleep together in a crate and kept it clean all night (yeah!). Rosie is the bigger, chubbier of the two. Scout is slimmer and built for speed! They are not big-boned pups and have beautiful, delicate faces--we don't think they'll grow to be very big dogs. Both are black and white, with white freckled blazes on their snouts and freckled legs and tummies. Rosie is adopted and now Scout says it is his turn.