Our story begins on Saturday, January 31, 2009 at an adoption event at Petco in Chantilly, VA. We had gone to other adoption events before this and we’re still searching for ‘our’ dog. We had looked at several dogs that day when our daughter Chelsea sat down on the floor beside the foster mama’s daughter who was holding Copper. After a couple minutes, Copper got up, walked over and sat down in our daughter’s lap. So, Copper kind of picked us. He was known as Valley at that time. We were told that he and his litter mates (The Tribe) were found on the side of the road during a rainstorm. He was such a laid-back dog so I started calling him ‘Old Man’. That was his speed. We couldn’t wait to be able to bring Copper home. February 15, 2009 was that day. The funniest thing about copper was how picky he was about eating. We bought him little puppy snacks which were a little bones. He would not eat one of them. So I gave him a Cheerio. He played with that cheerio for almost 15 minutes and then finally ate it. Over the past 15 years, copper has given us the most unconditional love and brought joy to our family and everyone he met. He had many adventures going up and down Short Hill mountain where we lived in Northern Virginia. I can’t believe the little guy survived Bears, coyotes, snakes and the like that were on that mountain. He loved his big brother Koda until his passing in 2017 and his little brother Fleury until his passing in March 2022. He leaves behind his brother Kenai, who already misses him a lot, as well as all of us. My grandchildren will miss him, especially 20 month old Colin. RIP little Copper. Have a good time running in the fields over the Rainbow Bridge with Koda, Fleury and Arapaho. 💙💙💙

Thank you, Marsha