Maribel and forever family, It is with a heavy heart we share that our four legged daughter, Penny, has passed away. She was the most perfect puppy to ever exist – kind, gentle, loyal, and truly a rare being. We still remember bringing her home 10 years ago, and she was just as soft and sweet on her last day. We are so beyond thankful for these last 10 years with her – even in the darkest of times, Penny was always our light. Our heart. Our peanut butter licking and cucumber chewing girl. Our traveler and car-ride-lover. And ultimately, the most humanistic and empathetic dog we will ever have, know, and love. I know that Penny is resting well with our Muwa (my mother) and I can only hope that she will come visit us in our dreams. We love you Penny, more than you will ever know. Your snout, paws, and soul are in our hearts forever. Thank you forever-home for trusting us and allowing us to have a beautiful penny with us🙏

Best regards, Prabha