Our home and our hearts are a little emptier tonight, the latter of which is blown apart. Our sweetest boy, Jack Straw, has left us. After being rescued by A Forever Home, Jack “found” us as a puppy in the fall of 2008 while nestled in the arms of foster mom, Diana Fulton. In that moment, we knew this tiny scruff-muffin was meant to be with us along with our other rescue, a ‘larger-than-life’ Weimaraner, Althea. Raised under her tutelage, Jack grew up to believe that he, too, was a Weimaraner. Despite this, he was a go-along-to-get-along kind of fellow that had no aspirations to be a leader.  He lived a simple life comprised of routines, and he was always happy to get butt scratches and treats, especially oyster crackers.  When Jack became an ‘only dog,’ he joined me on RV adventures across America. Throughout the years, he logged thousands of miles traveling from coast-to-coast, north to south. (How many dogs can say they have been to Area 51?) He brought joy to everyone that met him and found fame with the attached photo that was taken at Bryce Canyon National Park on one of our hikes. For fifteen and a half years, Jack was loved beyond measure, living the very best, most full life possible. Eventually, time took its toll on his little body, and there are just some things that all the veterinarians and money in the world cannot fix, so we made the very difficult but loving choice to bless and release his gentle spirit.  We are so grateful to A Forever Home for trusting us with Jack. He was a one-in-a-million dog whose memory will always live in our hearts. Now, heaven has a new angel, and we are confident he was greeted by his beloved Big Girl Dog who has been patiently waiting to take him on another marvelous walkabout.