We came to AFH in 2009 when we were looking for a dog– supposedly for my husband. We decided to look at a dog named Lainey. When we arrived at Julie Kearn’s home Lainey went right to my husband like “you have finally come for me.” Once she weaned her pups we picked her up on my birthday and became OUR DOG. She was so wonderful – never got into mischief like chewing things she shouldn’t. On Christmas she tried to give baby Jesus from the nativity a bath, but when we old her no never did it again. In later years she did get into the kitchen trash so we would if there was something of interest in it! She outgrew 2 sweaters in the first year so we decided that she had to be a 1 year old when we got her, not 2. She loved our 1/4 mile walk through the woods where my husband cut a path for us. She also went to Niagara Falls with us for our anniversary and Florida to visit friends. She always behaved in motels– no accidents. At home she adopted our window seat and would bark if anyone went by. She also forewarned of company arriving. She developed glaucoma in the last few years and the eye Dr. Said she was the best behaved dog they ever tested. We did medication rather than removing her eye due to her age. She also developed an intestinal issue, possibly a tumore, but lived with it for several years. Still she was her usual loveable, friendly self until November 16th. She became seriously ill and died in my husband’s arms at the vet. We will miss her forever. We had her cremated and she has a forever home in a beautiful box.