My husband and I decided that we wanted to adopt a puppy in 2008, when I was retiring from teaching.  One of my students, Abby, waters fostering two adorable boxer/bloodhound mixed puppies, so she brought them to school one day.  The minute she put one of the puppies in my arms, I instantly fell in love with this little girl.  We named her Abby after my student.  This pup was everything we had wanted in a dog: bright, curious, loving, and fun to be with.

We had so many adventures on our country property.  One event that I will never forget was an encounter with a bear family.  Abby and I were sitting on our front porch when we spotted a mama bear and her two cubs strolling by our front field. Before I could grab her, Abby jumped our porch gate, which she had never done before, and raced after the bears. I was terrified for my girl!  I finally found her in the woods under some brush.  She was shivering, but unhurt.  Mama bear must have let Abby know that she was not welcome to play with her cubs!

 Our girl passed away a year ago, but Abby will never be forgotten!  We are so thankful to have had her for 15 years. Thank you AFH and Abby’s foster family for bringing her into our lives.