Hello, I am writing to thank AFH for the wonderful, loving, faithful companion I adopted in 2009. His name at adoption was Nickelby, and he was part of the litter (Nicholas 8)… We renamed him Teukie Seoul King. Teukie passed away yesterday at the age of 14 and 1/2 years. Teukie was a fun loving playful dog. He loved his walks, his toys, and food! He once stopped someone who was trying to break into our home. He kept my father company and cheered him when he was struggling with a terminal illness at the end of his life. Teukie was adopted by me and my daughter Amy.  Amy was a great fan of k-pop, and named Teukie after a k-pop star she liked. Amy died last year. Teukie was my loving and faithful companion through very difficult times.  I have…attached a photo of Teukie as a adult dog. I wanted AFH to know he led a very happy and healthy life. He traveled across county with us for a family reunion in Denver, Co in 2019.  He has also been to the beach, but he did not like the sand. 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful work you do, and thank you for finding and caring for Teukie so that we could find him and care for him. He was deeply loved and now is deeply missed.

 Kind regards, Patricia