Our first AFH pup came to us as “Scrappy” a rescue from a Forward Operating Base in Iraq where he was the only survivor out of a litter of seven. When he came to our home, we renamed him Scruffy, the name he had for 12 years. Scruffy’s DNA showed he was predominantly Anatolian Shepard and Heinze 57. He was a stoic dog and the world ran on his schedule, especially mealtimes. His show of affection for his family was the “Scruffy Stomp,” nuzzling a family member and then stomping with the rear legs while getting a scratch on his back. He was a fighter and was in remission from Mast Cell cancer for almost a year. When it came back with a vengeance, he still did all the Scruffy things until his tumors ruptured. We love and have loved all our dogs, but Scruffy will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Phil, Laurie, Chris and Kim