In loving memory of Edwin (Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla) – Diva, Food hound, and our sweet little boy

We adopted Edwin from “A Forever Home” in July of 2016, and he has been a joy to our family since then. A beagle/border collie mix, he was fun, happy and goofy – and of course, always hungry.  But even more than food, he loved his routine and being with his humans.  In many ways he acted like an old man, but he was still always excited, welcoming us home when we were away for any period of time, as he made sure we got lots of kisses and enthusiastic tail-wags to prove his devotion and loyalty.  He tolerated being dressed up and patiently learned many tricks, just to please us. He died recently, joining the other furry friends of our family who’d passed during his time with us. Although we wished we could have kept him longer, we are comforted knowing he was greatly loved during his short life, in a home where everyone fought over who’d get to spend time with him.  If love could be measured by number of pictures and videos taken and shared, Edwin would undoubtedly win a top prize. We are all better for Edwin being in our lives, and I for one will be forever grateful I was convinced (coerced) into adopting him that summer day seven years ago.

Ken, Maria, Megan, Dominic, Will, Sofia