We adopted our dog Coco from A Forever Home in 2010….  Unfortunately due to health issues we made the difficult decision to put her down on January 8, 2023. She was a black purebred Cocker Spaniel and quickly became a member of the family.  She was here for the birth of our two children and always a very friendly and protective pet to both of them.  Coco was an extremely intelligent and loyal pet.  In the evenings she loved to jump up on the couch and cuddle next to you.  She was very gentle with both children and loved to give kisses.  She had a couple of health issues with her knees, eyesight, and hearing but we were thankful to have her in our home for almost 13 years.  One of our favorite memories was taking her for walks at my in-laws who lived out in the country.  We would take her off her leash and she would run ahead, stop, turn around and look at us and wait until we got closer, then she would take off, run ahead, stop, turn around, and wait. She would do this the entire walk and we thought this was the funniest thing.  She really was the best family dog and best dog in general.  We miss her trememdously but are glad to have had so many years with her and happy that she is no longer in any pain.