Hi Maribel and Mary…I loved receiving Mary’s message – over the years, I often wondered what happened to Ritter’s (aka Blitzen’s) siblings. It pains me to share with you that Ritter passed away at the end of January this year. Like Almond, our family felt Ritter was the BEST dog ever…My husband and I welcomed him into our family at the Chantilly PetSmart…At the time, he was our one and only baby. How lucky were we to welcome him into our home right before the Snowpocalypse – we loved the extra time with him and still remember his confusion when the ground stopped being white 🙂  Fast forward a few years and Ritter became big brother to Charlotte and then Claire. It was around that time (circa 2016) that Ritter started to really love the benefits of living with my in-laws whose daily routine included coffee and pound cake at Starbucks followed by hikes all throughout the area and Shenandoah. In his lifetime, he would complete 220 trails for a total of 1,750 miles (not counting his daily 1-2 mile local hikes) including every mile of trail on Massanutten Mountain….There is not a day that goes by without us thinking of him. 

Warmly, Jennie