It was a magical night in 2008 when our family met at Petco in Chantilly to bring  home our sweet Benny (one of the golden quads named Manny by Aforeverhome).  Our oldest son was 4th grade, middle son  2nd grade and youngest daughter kindergarten.  He walked them to the bus stop in the mornings and greeted them each day when they came home from school. He was there for many little league, youth football and lacrosse games. He was part of prom pictures, high school and college  graduation photos and many family  beach vacations.   Each of the kids went off to college and they would all send texts to “send Benny pictures” because they  missed him so much when they were away.  We bought a retirement home near the beach a few years ago and had so much fun spending time with Benny at the new house and taking him for walks on the beach.  Last week he passed, and it happened to be the week my oldest son bought an engagement ring for his girlfriend of many years – it was nice that Benny made it to that milestone in my sons life.  We loved him so much and he brought so much love and joy to our family the last 15 years.  We are thankful for Aforeverhome for rescuing him and bringing him into our lives. 

Best Regards, Mike and Mary