Good Morning,

My name is Katie…and my family rescued a puppy from A Forever Home in 2007. Her name was listed as Molly, but we knew she was our Harley Girl. Harley was a lab/hound mix and her nose could track just about anything. Harley loved to go on walks, run, go on boat rides, and just spend time with her family and friends. To all of us, she was our once in a lifetime soul dog that you hear people talk about. She was there for all of our highs and lows and we were there for hers. We found out recently that she had cancer and it had spread everywhere and we didn’t have much time left with her, which is so unfair. We kept her comfortable giving her all the foods and
treats she had wanted and just showered her with love. Sadly, we lost her last night. My reasoning writing to you all is just to thank you for giving us the best dog we all could have ever asked for. She was the missing part of our family puzzle that we did not even know at the time was missing. I am attaching some photos of her below. She made such a difference in our lives and again we as a family would just like to say thank you rescuing this pup from West Virginia and bringing her here. We owe you all a lot for finding our soul dog.

Thank you again, Katie