We adopted our sweet dog Maddie from A Forever Home in March 2013. She was born on Christmas eve 2012. She was the first dog we saw at the adoption event. We picked her up right away and decided she was ours. She was our first fur child. We have had two children since she came into our lives and they loved her more than anything in the world. Maddie loved to sit at the dinner table with us in her younger years, she loved long walks and playing fetch with her frisbee. Maddie tolerated so much from both of her human siblings and had so much patience with them. She loved giving an infinite number of kisses to them, especially when traces of food covered their faces after dinner. Maddie was an anxious pup, from the second we brought her home. Car rides were the first anxiety we had to help her get over. It only took about two years. She hated her nails touched, taking baths, and refused to go on walks if only one of her owners was with her. She needed at least two humans on every walk with her. She had the softest and shiniest fur and the sweetest eyes. Every human that met her, loved her. We only had her for a short 9 years and she was suffering from what the vets suspected was a brain tumor. After two months filled with testing and medications, we had to make one of the most difficult decisions of our lives and didn’t expect to make it so soon. She loved so much in her 9 years. Her absence is breaking our hearts, but her presence in our lives gave us some of our best memories filled with unconditional love.