AFH is partnering with City Renewables to save dogs and the environment!  Jake and Rebecca from City Renewables are AFH adopters and wanted to give back to the group who rescued her  For every solar project, AFH will receive at least $500!  City Renewables is dedicated to educating and guiding the community to understand how residential solar works. This means that they won’t move forward with a project unless it saves the client money and the client understands exactly how it works! 

Here are the incentives that City Renewables uses to save you money with no upfront costs:

SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits): In Virginia, Maryland, several other states, and the District of Columbia, you get PAID per 1000 kWh you produce with solar. SRECs are the most powerful incentive to save homeowners money on electricity. You actually get paid just for having solar!

26% Federal Tax Credit: The federal government gives a 26% tax credit to anyone that transitions to solar.   If your system costs $20,000, you’ll be paying $5,200 less in taxes – not to mention you can wrap a new roof into that 26% credit!

Net Metering: Most utility companies in Virginia, Maryland, a few other states, and the District of Columbia offer full 1:1 Net Metering. This means that when you over produce electricity, you get a credit. This credit is worth the same as the electricity you would buy from your utility company (1:1). This addresses the concerns for having power in the colder months when there is snow. These credits can be used all year round! At the end of the year, you get paid for the remaining credits. Net metering replaces the need for a battery!

To schedule a free educational consultation that includes a design and analysis of your potential solar project, use this link:

. This fundraiser will run from March 15th to May 31st. A solar contract must be signed with City Renewables using the code “puppypanels” for you to take part in the fundraising efforts.