Dear AFH….  I am a big fan of your organization, and have adopted a couple dogs from you over the years….  Emily….cared for Ovie ….until he became ill with an aggressive form of bone cancer.  We had to send him over the rainbow bridge on Dec. 23.  My Vet was unable to come to him when the time came, so we called Peaceful Passage, who sent a wonderful vet to us and helped Ovie pass at home.  He was 14 years old, and was a wonderful protector/pet/soother to Emily for all of those years.  Ovie was dog aggressive, but got along with his pal Holtby (seeing a name pattern here?), and didn’t get along with a lot of people, but those of us he loved, he loved fiercely.  He was a wonderful dog, and I am glad my daughter had him and his loyalty for so long.  I am sure that when she is ready to look for a pal for Holtby ( a stray found along the side of I270), she will come to you guys first.  Thank you for all that you do.