Sadly, just shy of a year after the passing of our wonderful girl Ava, we said a tearful goodbye to her sweet brother, Moe, and welcomed him to the Rainbow Bridge. Moe has been a wonderful goofball of a dog, and became a large and strong boy we could cuddle with when we needed it. He grew tall enough to almost look us in the eye in his prime and on his hind legs. He loved to run in our yard, and play with his brother and sister very much. In his last few years, his back legs became a bit unsteady, but he still loved to accompany us on walks in the neighborhood even in his last days. He had no end to the love he gave to us, and was a devoted companion to Deb and I, especially during the pandemic when we could stay at home and give him and the other fur babies lots of love and attention.  Just after Thanksgiving we brought him to our vet because of digestive issues and found that he had substantial cancerous tumors throughout his abdomen. We had some peaceful time with him, and told him we will always love his sweet face. Thank you, AFH for bringing Moe (as well as Ava and Shep) into our family.