Moose 11/30/2007-10/16/2021

In 2008 we adopted one of Sadie’s 9 pups.  He was the last to get adopted and we were so glad that the best was saved for last.  Moose has been the best dog from the moment we brought him home at 12 weeks.  He has always been loving, calm and relaxed.  He filled our hearts with unconditional love.  He loved everyone he met.  The love between him and his dog brother that we brought into the family later was also so amazing.  Moose was such an important part of the family and we were sad to have to say good bye to him in October.  Our hearts ache without him but know that his tired body needed to run free with his other dog brothers and sisters that left before him.  Thank you AFH for bringing our perfect Moose into our lives.  He will never be forgotten. 

The Smith Family