After sixteen years with our beloved Holly, we have come to believe that the name “A Forever Home” should really say something about what our pets have become to us rather than what we signed-up to give them; something more along the lines of “Forever in Our Hearts”. Holly came into our lives in the Autumn of 2005 during an AFH adoption event at PetSmart in Chantilly Virginia and immediately became one with our family.

Side-by-side growing-up with our two sons, Holly became the third wheel with everything they did except watersports, far too risky behavior for this proper lady. When 34 guinea hens made their way into our life in 2013, Holly’s Border Collie instincts kicked-in and she was determined to set the boundaries for their free-raging activities and wouldn’t take no for an answer until they flew to treetops, waiting the coast to be clear of that strong-willed and determined dog.

Holly was an unscripted addition to our family, and we all became Holly-centric over time basing many of our family decisions and directions with Holly in mind. We were never without a wagging tail or a smile looking for a treat; Holly was always ready to play when we were (and even if we weren’t). Over the years Holly touched many lives and most assuredly was greeted by her grandfather on the other side whom she shared a home for almost a decade. We can almost hear him saying “Hello Dog”. Planting our garden will never be same without Holly’s pawprints in the freshly groomed soil but memories like those will stand the test of time.

Thank you to AFN for not only the opportunity to give Holly a forever home, but for the opportunity to have Holly in our family and memories forever.

Tom, Cathy, Barrett and Griffin Cosgrove, Georgetown Delaware