Dear AFH: Super news from Trevor (aka Baxter adopted 2014).  Trevor is special. I knew that when he came to be part of our family.  I have had 5 rescues, past and present.  All have trained in several sports with me, obedience being one of them. We have had success at the Novice (CD) level, but in over 15 years of training and competing we could not break through to a higher level.  Until now.  Trevor is the very first of my beloved dogs to earn an Open title in obedience in any venue.  On August 1, 2021, Trevor earned his Companion Dog Excellent (CDX-C) title from the Companion Dog Sports Program (CDSP) at the age of 7 in Frederick, MD from the A class: 194.5 (1st), 194.5 (1st), 193.5 (1st). Trevor had to overcome a very rocky start with fearfulness, reactivity, and separation anxiety so that makes his achievement all that much more heartwarming.  Love him to the moon and back!  Thanks for allowing me be his forever Mom. 

Yours, Diana Hong & Trevor