We would like to thank Colin Haywood for making A Forever Home the recipient of his Eagle Scout project.  When he originally asked to help AFH, we requested that me make a shelf to go over our metal crates. This was not an easy project, but he took the idea and ran with it. Colin paid for all of the supplies himself, using his stimulus check, and found all the volunteers to do the work. The shelf he created was extremely durable and ran the entire length of the unit, accommodating more supplies than what we had originally requested. He also added more stands to hold up our metal crates, giving us more useable space. In addition, he completely reorganized our storage unit. Without prompting, he helped clean out all of our broken crates by re-assembling them to see which were missing parts or were damaged. He also sorted out all of our supplies, provided them new containers, and made an easily understood, organized unit. Finally, he provided a step ladder for the unit so we could finally get to those hard-to-reach items on the top of the shelves that kind of just got tucked away and forgotten. This work was done in just a few weeks and went way beyond what we expected. Colin showed great leadership and organizational skills and we could not be happier. Thank you Colin for making our lives so much easier!