Dear Forever Home –

I adopted a Shar Pei/Lab mixed from you back in March 2007. She was born January 20, 2007 and was eight weeks old when I adopted her. Her name is Sadie. She was one of the Presidential pups; Mamie Eisenhower. A year after I adopted her, my only child was killed in a car accident. The devotion and love of that sweet loyal pup made each day less of a struggle and a challenge. Thirteen years later, she’s more loving, devoted and loyal than ever before. Though she is ferously dedicated, she is very laid back, easy going and extremely sweet and gentle. Today marks Sadie’s 14th birthday and though I should have submitted this a long time ago, I wanted you to know how thankful and grateful I am to your organization and in awe of all the magnificent work you do for the animals, especially the dogs. I love this dog beyond words. Not only is she not just a dog, she’s the reason I can get up and start every day! Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. I just wish you knew what you have done and how deeply appreciative I am that you approved my application for her adoption.

I’m beyond words how blessed I am that she rescued me!

With sincere thanks, Diane