Dear AFH,  Just a quick update on Trevor who is now 6 1/2 years old.  He earned several titles from the International Dog Parkour Assoc. during the Covid shut down including Novice parkour dog, Level 3 Quarantine specialist, Level 3 Four Foor On specialist, and Level 2 Under Specialist.  He is currently working on his Intermediate parkour title. We will be resuming some WCRL rally at the end of September.  On September 13th, he finished his AKC Fast CAT title the “FCAT2′ with a nice 7.87 seconds x 100 yds,  25.99  mph and 3rd place in the medium height class. Here is a pic of us both in our title photo and one of him running full tilt down the course.  You can tell he loves this a lot! All the best and thank you letting us adopt him as a 7 month old in 2014, Diana