Hey! Giving you a Charlotte update! First of all we love her and all her quirks so so much! She’s a shy girl and takes time for her to warm up to new people/dogs/situations. Part of that is it’s so hard to socialize her right now. Also she hates the vet 😂 She is so crazy smart we bought her great puzzles and one was advanced level and she figured it out in 2 min! Our basset hasn’t figured any of them out hehe. She loves her doggie brother with all her heart and her human sisters.
She is a hunter! She hunts alllll the little creatures in the yard, kills them and brings them in the house 🤢 we are working on that lol We did a DNA test on her, I don’t know if you wanted to send the results to her brothers and sisters families.
She is 25% great pyr ,25% Maremma sheepdog, 25% pit and 12.5% chow chow and 12.5 random breeds. She’s expected to be between 50-88 pounds.