Hi! Yes, we adopted Cleo (formerly Sabrina) through AFH in 2013. We actually have two AFH dogs so it took me a minute to figure out which one you meant. Here are some photos – Cleo is the black one. She’s very sweet and has been great with our kids. She loves to burrow and is always looking for something soft to snuggle into. As you can see, she is inseparable from our other dog, Kyla, who we adopted in 2012.  Cleo is healthy and well-behaved (but she does like to bark!). The vet has warned us to keep an eye on her back legs because her long body puts some pressure on her hips. But so far so good. We hope your Mister Milton is also doing well. Cleo missed her siblings a lot when we first brought her home back in 2013! Best, Kim