Hi friends,

Just wanted to send a photo and update from my beautiful boy Gunner (Alexa’s Benny). Gunner is a rambunctious four month old, who loves to play fetch and go on really long walks with mom. His favorite snacks are Gibson’s back strips and peanut butter. He’s doing really great with potty training and following the rules of the house. He’s very friendly and loves meeting new people especially kiddos! He loves his stuffed Alligator Albert and his stuffed Pheasant Philbert.  Gunner loves spending time at daycare and can’t wait for puppy kindergarten.  I look forward to bringing him to my dog friendly office once he learns 9-5 manners, lol. I want to thank your team for bringing Gunner into my life. He’s been a wonderful addition to the family and we all love him so so much.  Follow him on Instagram: gunner___point

Love, Christine