Hello!  This Monday, November 11, was the one year anniversary of our adoption of Bruce (formerly Milo) from A Forever Home. I just wanted to write to thank both A Forever Home and his foster mom, Emily, for connecting us with Bruce, who has become my best friend, the “mayor” of the dog park across the street, a brother to our previously lonely tabby cat, and a member of our family. 

Bruce was 14 lbs when we got him, and it was assumed that he was around 10 months old. He is now 25 lbs, and our vet thinks he was closer to 5-6 months old when we got him a year ago. He is SUPER affectionate, loves his crate, has never met a dog or person he doesn’t like, and is very brave and clever! Most importantly, we can’t imagine our lives without him, and we have you all to thank for that. Sincerely, thank you again for caring for him and bringing us together. It means more to me than I can express. 

I’m attaching some photos so you can see how he’s grown (and because he’s just the cutest).  Thank you again for the work that you do, and happy holidays!