Hello, I just wanted to thank all of you  for your help in the process of my adoption of Reef (aka Toby). I had such a wonderful experience with AFH the first time I adopted that I really had hoped to find my new furry family member there again, despite the distance.  I was heartbroken when I lost my pup Rocky, and my other pup Dobby was terribly lonely. There of course is no replacing such a beloved member of the family, but there is always room to love more. Reef is an absolutely wonderful dog and a great addition to our family. I wanted to especially thank Patricia. She went well above and beyond in helping me to assure that Reef was the perfect fit. I live in VA Beach, so it is not a simple matter coming up to NOVA multiple times. However, it was important for me that the dogs meet, as well as the rest of the family, as it had to be a family decision. Patricia went out of her way on several occasions…. She clearly loves him, and she did everything in her power to assure that her foster baby went to the right home. I am so very grateful to her for being such a caring, dedicated foster mommy. Such devoted volunteers are what make AFH so special.  Patricia, I am so thankful for you, and I promise to take wonderful care of our new baby! I will keep you posted on his adventures and misadventures! 🙂 I am attaching some pictures. One is of Rocky and Dobby, and the others are of Reef and Reef and Dobby. He is very happy in his forever home.
Many thanks, Melissa