Wanted to drop a note that after 10 years, we are still loving on our girl Scrappy from A Forever Home. She was adopted under the name Smoky Girl…We recently said a very sad goodbye to her brother of 14 years, Scruffy, and I came across your website in beginning my search for a new pup to love.

I attached some recent pictures of our girl Scrappy (the smaller of the two pups in the pictures). She still loves to chew socks, clothes, couches (we’ve been through a few thanks to her), blankets (which doesn’t prevent us from letting her sleep in our (her?) bed every night), etc. She jumps on our kitchen table when we’re not looking and her 20lb self can even jump onto our kitchen counters! Little troublemaker that she is (we still tell ourselves that her 11 year old self will grow out of the puppy phase at SOME point :-), she is the best worst dog ever! 

Jokes aside, all is well. Since her adoption, she is helping us raise 4 kids (one set of twins in there) and loves to play fetch every day. Even when her arthritis kicks in and we have to give her the occasional Rimadyl, she is in good spirits. We also moved out of the city a few years ago and now she has a huge yard for playing and exploring.

Thanks for giving two graduate students the opportunity to share our young lives with this pup 10 years ago. She’s wonderfully spoiled by us, but we are equally spoiled by her as well 🙂