Debbie and Jeff, 

Riley has had a great first week. On her first day Riley met my parents and promptly stole their hearts. My dad ended up on the floor cuddling her and offered that she could come back to their house anytime (few dogs have earned that invitation). 

It is now a common site to see one or both girls cuddled on the floor next to Riley, paws and hands held. It is also now common to find one or more of us playing in the backyard with her or sitting next to her giving final evening cuddles before bed. Even Tim can be found petting “his dog”. She is such a cuddle bug and will just accept whatever love you want to offer. 
We’ve learned that she loves sticks, whiffle balls, and (our favorite) red solo cups!  She gets so excited when we give her a new cup. 

Along with a few other adventures , Rileyhas been getting lots of walks to help her get used to the sights and sounds of our neighborhood. It turns out she does like to bark but she quickly backs down when we reassure her that it’s all okay. She is enjoying meeting new dogs and has shown us that cats are not a preference. Amusingly she could care less about squirrels and bunnies. 

As you can see from the pictures, this rescued girl will never know neglect again. 
Thank you again for the love and care you showered this beautiful girl over the past year.  We’re happy to bring her to any time you’d like for a visit. 
Our girls have had a bit of a rough year navigating chronic illness within the family and several changes. Riley has already brought immeasurable joy to our family. Attached is a picture from adoption day; we love how our girls are beaming with joy. 

God bless you both; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,