Trixie’s Story

Super sweet, super wiggly Trixie is one lucky little girl. Her previous family moved away and left her chained to a tree, ready to have her puppies any minute. When the neighbors noticed that she’d been out there for a few days with nobody coming to feed or water her and that the weather was starting to turn cold, they cut her chain and took her to the local shelter. The shelter she was taken to has an extremely high kill rate, and poor Trixie was next in line for euthanasia if someone didn’t speak for her immediately. Luckily, AFH caught wind of little Trixie’s plight, and immediately took her into foster.

Only a few days after being placed with her foster family, on Veteran’s Day, Trixie went into labor. She delivered six beautiful, healthy puppies, with the help and support of her foster parents. Now, Trixie gets to spend her days in a warm, safe foster home with plenty of people who love and dote on her while she takes excellent care of her little family. Her human foster sisters even read her a story every night before bedtime!

Trixie’s puppies will start looking for their forever homes in about six weeks, and Trixie will start looking for hers a few weeks after that when she’s able to be spayed. In the meantime, they’ll all enjoy plenty of cuddles and cookies, and get to stay out of the cold.

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