Mia’s Story: One pink cast, $800. A Forever Home, priceless!

Mia came to A Forever Home Rescue with her four siblings. These poor puppies’ owner was a preacher, who lacked the funds to care for them. He agreed to give the puppies to A Forever Home so that they could find good homes. AFH also spayed the mother dog, in order to prevent more unwanted litters. Once Mia was with the rescue, it was discovered that she had broken her little toes and that her pad was infected. The vet felt that she had most likely been stepped on.

Mia was outfitted with a beautiful pink cast and in a few short weeks, with the careful and loving care of her foster mom Jessica, she was healed. Mia is now growing up, big and strong, and surrounded by the love of her forever family. Her rough beginning in life is now just a distant memory.

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