Debbie’s Story: Going full-circle with Bagle

Bagel came into my life unexpectedly, I was already fostering two dogs for AFH, Buddy and Olive. I had to take both in to the vet and that is where I first met Bagel. At that time he was being fostered by another family that was moving out of the area, and Bagel was there for a final checkup after a bad reaction to his neuter procedure. When the call came out for a new foster for Bagel, I did not hesitate since Bagel had already won me over in that brief encounter at the vets.

Bagle, tied to a barrel

I already knew that Bagel had been tied to a barrel in someone’s front yard along with his kitty friend. Once he came into my home I knew he was smart, and loved playing with the other dogs. I could tell he had not had too much of an opportunity to play because he came out of this shell and I learned what a goof he really was. But I also learned how much be hates rain and also how very afraid of thunderstorms he is. I don’t know how he survived tied to a barrel outside for seven long years. He was extremely thin and sickly, but through help from AFH, Bagel thrived in my care.

After being with me for about six months, a family came forward and fell in love with Bagel. I was extremely happy for them both, but when Bagel left, I realized there was a hole in my heart. The family reached out to me when they needed a sitter, and I was more than happy to do so and relished the time we had together. Then in October 2016, tragedy hit Bagel’s family and I was taking care of him with food, vet bills, and lots of love to help the family out. October became February and the family returned Bagel to the Rescue because they had a lot on their plate. When AFH asked me if I wanted to adopt Bagel I did not hesitate.

Bagel today

Today Bagel is a happy, quirky, and well-loved dog who has developed an enlarged heart. I like to believe because he has so much love to give and to receive. Somehow he has amassed four dog beds in my small apartment and has too many toys to count. He loves my home-made treats that I bake for him, and his favorite is Peanut Butter/Bacon Honey Bites (my name for them after my late dog Honey), and his doggy peanut butter ice-cream. He went on his first vacation this summer, and we went to the Beach in Delaware. He loved the beach and had a lot of human friends by the end of the week. His favorite toy is his teddy bear that has lavender sewn into its heart to help Bagel keep calm with his heart condition. Bagel loves giving me kisses and taking walks with me. I am most thankful that AFH allowed me to foster this sweet boy, and to let him know that humans can be better than he knew for seven years.

Debbie Ewald/Bagel’s MOM

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