We adopted our Henry, back in Nov 2009 from A Forever Home Rescue. Henry was an anxiety-filled little angel, fearful of the slightest of everyday noises. Patience, love, patience, love work miracles! Today, Henry is a marvel and such a brilliant companion! He’s the one that keeps “me” on schedule😍 Since December of 2009, he has lived in New Hampshire; The Hague, in the Netherlands; Stuttgart, and Oberammergau Germany, Michigan, and now, “our” forever family home in Arizona! He’s traveled to Paris, Saint Malo, the Alsace, Geneva, and was a true “local” in Cortona, Italy. Henry has traveled in cablecars to the top of the Alps, ridden in trains, Venetian gondolas, streetcars, and countless trans-Atlantic flights between Europe and the USA! His little life changed from a rabbit cage in Lebanon, Missouri to having his own European Pet Passport! What is important, is that Henry has changed the life of so many people!!

Thank You All for your kindness with these precious lovies