All we can say is WOW, What A Year!

AFH does lots of great things every year, but when you see it laid out in a list, it makes you realize that it really is impressive what a group of volunteers can accomplish when they set their minds to it! Take a moment to let that sink in … “a group of volunteers” … without your help, none of this could have happened!

  • Almost 1,000 dogs saved
  • Participated in three puppy mill rescues
  • Helped resolve two hoarding cases
  • Over 800 dogs adopted
  • 17 goats and two donkeys rescued
  • Seven horses rescued
  • Assisted with several pig rescues
  • A brand new (and highly successful) social media team created
  • Over 100 new volunteers
  • Many new shelter partners

AND we are making progress toward getting our own forever home! 2013 was an amazing year for AFH and we look forward to an even more successful year in 2014. Take a few minutes to read our latest newsletter & let us know what you think of our progress by visiting our Facebook page or tweeting to us @AForeverHome!